NNI Workshop on Frailty – live webcast

13 maggio 2014

83rd Nestle Nutrition Institute Workshop on Frailty - Streamed live from Barcelona, Spain 14th March— 15th March 2014

Recent work on frailty has sought to characterize both the underlying changes in the body and the manifestations that make frailty recognizable. It is well-agreed that a decline in physiologic reserves and resilience is the essence of being frail. Similarly, scientists agree that the risk of frailty increases with age and with the incidence of diseases.

The 83rd Nestle Nutrition Institute (NNI) Workshop will be broadcast live from Barcelona and will bring together leading experts in the area of frailty pathophysiology, phenotype and patient care. 


The live streamed sessions will include:



Friday, March 14th, 2014
Session I - Biological Base of Frailty 

Chaired By: Roger A. Fielding

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Session II: Clinical Phenotype of Frailty

Chaired By: Cornel Sieber

Session III - Interventions for Frailty

Chaired By: Bruno Vellas

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