Holly Robinson Peete and Carnation® Breakfast EssentialsTM Offer Moms Solutions to Help Their Kids Start the Day Out Right

Research has shown that breakfast is essential to ensure kids start the day out right and help get the daily nutrition they need

FLORHAM PARK, New Jersey (September 20, 2012) ― Holly Robinson Peete, actress and mother of four, knows first-hand the challenges of juggling a hectic schedule while trying to ensure her kids have breakfast to start the day out right, and help get the daily nutrition they need. As school is now back in full swing and activities such as homework and sports and band practices are ramping up, sticking to a good morning routine is more important than ever – and likely more difficult to do. Although most parents start out the school year with the best intentions of sticking to the morning routine, busy schedules can take over and disrupt good habits. That’s why Carnation® Breakfast EssentialsTM and Holly are teaming up to offer nutritious and simple solutions for the morning routine.

I like to describe my mornings as ‘controlled madness’ – on a good day I have less than an hour to get my kids out of bed, showered and dressed, teeth brushed, fed and out the door to school,” said Holly. “At the start of the school year, I know I am diligent about sticking with a good morning routine for my kids, but as school and activities gear up, I have to find easy ways to stay on track and make sure my kids get balanced nutrition for their busy day.”

In fact, up to 30% of middle and high school students skip breakfast1-2,  missing important nutrients that are unlikely to be made up later in the day.3-5 Furthermore, research has shown that kids and adolescents who eat breakfast tend to have better dietary habits and make healthier eating choices throughout the day.6-8

One of my biggest challenges as a mom is to make sure my kids get breakfast. With busy mornings, it is essential that my kids get the nutrition they need,” said Holly. “I want to set my kids up for success, especially during the school year. Knowing there are easy, nutritious options such as Carnation® Breakfast EssentialsTM puts my mind at ease that I am making good choices for my kids.”

Each serving of Carnation® Breakfast EssentialsTM provides a rich source of protein and 21 vitamins and minerals, including twice the protein of an egg, twice the calcium of a 6-oz cup of yogurt, twice the vitamin D of an 8-oz glass of milk and twice the vitamin C of a 4-oz cup of orange juice.

At Nestlé Health Science, not only do we understand how important it is for kids to start the day off right, we also try to make it easy for mom and dad,” said David Yates, North American Region Head for the Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition business, which is part of Nestlé Health Science. “Carnation® Breakfast EssentialsTM is a nutritious breakfast drink that provides balanced nutrition.”

To find information and helpful tips on nutrition, to access hundreds of delicious recipes and to download a coupon, visit www.carnationbreakfastessentials.com or the Carnation Breakfast Essentials Facebook page.

About Carnation® Breakfast EssentialsTM
Carnation® Breakfast EssentialsTM comes in two forms, powder drink mix and ready to drink bottles. Powder Drink Mix comes in the following flavors: Rich Milk Chocolate, Rich Milk Chocolate No Sugar Added, Classic French Vanilla, Classic French Vanilla No Sugar Added, Classic Chocolate Malt, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Sensation, Variety Pack and Variety Pack No Sugar Added. Ready to drink bottles come in the following flavors: Rich Milk Chocolate, Rich Milk Chocolate No Sugar Added and Classic French Vanilla.

About Nestlé Health Science
Nestlé Health Science offers nutritional solutions for people with specific dietary needs related to illnesses, disease states or the special challenges of different life stages. Nestlé Health Science, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestlé S.A., became operational on January 1, 2011 and has worldwide headquarters in Lutry, Switzerland.

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