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The MNI Group is pleased to announce the annual €30,000 grant for the most innovative national initiative to fight malnutrition and increase the awareness of malnutrition. The grant will be made payable through the national PEN society endorsing the initiative. The winner of the grant will be announced during the Malnutrition Event at the ESPEN 2012 Congress in Barcelona in September 2012.



  • Must be endorsed by a national PEN society in Europe, but not necessarily run by a national PEN society
    • Must have been implemented in the last 24 months
    • Must be relevant to driving national nutrition policy
    • Must generate a protocol/model which can be rolled out nationally and/or in other countries
    • Must not have previously received this grant for this initiative


    Submission Requirements

    The following information must be included:
    • Demographic information:
         - National society endorsing submission
         - Contact person with contact information (name, telephone number, email address)
    • Title of project
    • Description of the initiative
    • Rationale/background of initiative
    • What was done (activities)?
    • How it was done (implementation)?
    • Resources utilized (personnel/time/financial)
    • What makes the initiative innovative?
    • How was success measured? What made this initiative successful?
    • Key learnings from this initiative
    • How did this impact nutrition intervention, outcome and patient care?
    • What makes this an initiative that would be of interest on a national / European level?
    • Next steps


    Submission Process

    Submission must be submitted in a poster format.

    Poster format Guidelines

      The poster should be laid out as follows: 
       - Title and brief description of initiative 
       - Rationale / Background of Initiative
       - Activities
       - Implementation
       - Results/Outcomes (clinical perspective)
       - Conclusions including relevance to nutrition policy
    • Submission date – Due date is June 17, 2012. Send submission electronically
      Any queries can be sent to:

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