New Research and Perspectives on Treating Major Depressive Disorder Shared at Pri-Med Midwest Conference | Nestlé Health Science

Pamlab and the Neuroscience Education Institute Offer Continuing Medical Education Content to Inform PCPs about the Role of Metabolism in Diagnosing and Treating Depression

COVINGTON, La. October 15, 2013– The innovative Pri-Med Primary Care Update, “Depression: When Medical and Psychiatric Factors Collide” will be featured at Pri-Med Midwest, taking place October 15-19, 2013, in Rosemont, Ill. The session, which explores the relationship between Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and inflammatory, endocrine and metabolic factors, will be presented by Dr. Andrew J. Cutler, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Florida Clinical Research Center. These findings are part of a session that debuted at Pri-Med Southwest in March and was presented again for attendees at Pri-Med East in September.

The presentation details new research findings linking MDD with markers of inflammation and metabolism, as well as non-traditional, innovative treatment approaches. It also explores the critical role Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) play as the first line of defense in the treatment of depression.

“These are very exciting times in depression diagnosis and treatment,” said Dr. Cutler. “This data has generated a lot of interest at the previous two Pri-Med meetings, as this new research is teaching us more about matching treatment approaches with biologic needs and how to provide personalized therapeutic options for depression. We are helping usher in a whole new generation of treatments for depression.”

Dr. Cutler’s presentation will also discuss methods that are employed to address inflammation and other endocrine and metabolic factors, including the use of L-methylfolate (a bio-available form of the vitamin folate) as an adjunct to traditional antidepressants.

The Pri-Med Conference series offers continuing medical education (CME) throughout the year and across the country. Pamlab is supporting Pri-Med 2013 through a CME grant to the Neuroscience Education Institute (NEI). Founded in 2000 by award-winning author and psychiatrist Dr. Stephen M. Stahl, NEI provides interactive learning to mental health clinicians and neuroscientists.

“The opportunity to research and present content of this nature is thrilling,” said Dr. Stahl. “It is an enlightening and fascinating new way of looking at diagnosing and treating depression.”

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