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Lutry, 15 December 2011 – Nestlé Health Science today announced the signing of a four-year
partnership,  as an Official Supplier,  with Solar Impulse.  Nestlé Health Science  will  provide
science-based personalised nutrition  for the Solar Impulse pilots  during their  round-the-world
flight.  This will be done in collaboration with the Nestlé Research Centre in Lausanne
(Switzerland) whose scientists will assess the pilots’  individual nutritional needs and develop
personalised dietary plans. The partnership will also take into consideration the specific
environmental and living conditions in the cockpit. 
In 2010, for the first time in history, Solar Impulse succeeded in flying day and night without fuel
and  demonstrated  the huge potential of new technologies for saving energy and renewable
forms of energy. In 2014, it aims to fly around the world only powered by solar energy. 
Luis Cantarell, President and CEO of Nestlé Health Science said, “This partnership is a great fit
as we have common ambitions that address major challenges to society. We are a pioneer in
the making in the emerging field of  personalised  science-based nutritional solutions between
food and Pharma. ”
 “Pilot nutrition is key for the success of the  round-the-world flight.  To meet this human
challenge we need the best advisors and we are  delighted  to benefit from the  know-how  of
Nestlé Health Science.” said Andre Borschberg, CEO and cofounder of Solar Impulse.
“The pilot will stay in the cockpit several days in a row and needs food that can be stored in a
small space and resist to differences of temperatures going from  -20° to +40° without
alterations. And if it tastes good that’s even better!”  added Bertrand Piccard initiator and
chairman of Solar Impulse.  

About Nestlé Health Science

Nestlé Health Science offers nutritional solutions for people with specific dietary needs related to
illnesses, disease states or the special challenges of different life stages. Nestlé Health Science, a wholly
owned subsidiary of Nestlé S.A., became operational on January 1, 2011 and has worldwide
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About Solar ImpulseSolar Impulse

HB-SIA is the first aircraft that can fly day and night without fuel and polluting emissions. It
demonstrates the huge potential of new technologies in terms of energy reduction and the production of
renewable energy. This revolutionary carbon fibre aircraft, that has the wingspan of an Airbus A340
(63.4m) and the weight of an average family car (1,600kg), is the result of seven intense years of work,
calculations, simulations and tests by a team of 70 people and 80 partners. A plane this light and of this
size has never been built before. The 12,000 solar cells built into the wing provide four 10HP electric
motors with renewable energy. By day the solar cells recharge the 400kg lithium batteries which means
the plane can fly at night.  The Solar Impulse project is supported among others by Solvay, Omega,
Deutsche Bank and Schindler as Main Partners. For more information, visit
Marie-Françoise Rütimeyer
Head of Communications
Nestlé Health Science